Anything that involves incidents with people and materials in a laboratory is a concern of the Center. Over recent years, the Center has implemented active monitoring of the campus background and indoor air quality in laboratories, taking the initiative to check on the campus environment.The duties that the Safety, Health, and Environmental Protection Center is charged with environmental protection to the health of students and research staff, regarding planning and implementing various aspects of environmental protection, safety, and health, such as safety and hygiene training, chemical materials control, staff health management.

Hungkuang have received ISO 9001 Quality Management System certificates in 2000; ISO 14001 environmental management system certificates in 2009; ISO 45001(OHSAS 18001) Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems certificates in 2013; ISO 50001 Energy Management System certificates in 2013. We are now taking a systematic approach to manage Safety, Health, Environmental and Energy issues since 2000.

In the spirit of the school’s motto, “Begin from oneself, extend benevolence to all,” adhering to the educational philosophy of “Caring for Humanity, Cherishing Life.” Hungkuang University highlights the value of human beings, hoping to cultivate students with the spirit of caring life, serving others, devotion to society. With the founding philosophy of being people oriented, live caring, our school balances between professionalism and humanistic literacy. In addition, Hungkuang pays attention to the care of the individual body and mind establishes a humanized medical environment, and focuses on the protection of infants and young children, the establishment of humanistic concepts, the cultivation of artistic temperament, and the development of food culture to information management, and finally the brainstorming of management, which means enhancing human life.